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The Internet has become so ingrained in everyone’s life that today it is hard to imagine what ordinary people could have done without it twenty years ago. This applies to almost all spheres of human activity. And if thirty years of gambling people attended the classic land-based casinos, today they become regulars at online casinos, which are daily increasing in number. Of course, playing your favorite slot machines without leaving home is very convenient. But virtual gambling establishments have also undergone significant changes with the advent of mobile casinos. So with the development of all sorts of mobile devices, people got the opportunity to bet in casinos anywhere and anytime.

The history of mobile casinos

mobile casinos

While today almost every online casino with an impeccable reputation has its own mobile version, this was not the case at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
Advances in technology and the advent of mobile devices allowed users to get the information they needed instantly almost anywhere. This was instantly adopted by a variety of gaming sites, providing pages specifically optimized for mobile screens.
Subsequently, this trend continued to develop and users were offered not only an adapted website, but also a full mobile application installed on a phone or tablet and providing secure access to all website resources.

Existing types of mobile casinos

There are two main technologies that make it possible to access online casino content seamlessly from a mobile device:

  1. A tablet- and smartphone-adapted version of the casino website, which is essentially a familiar site with the same content, but only specially redesigned for better display on mobile devices. ;
  2. An app that is installed separately. It is a special programme that is downloaded and installed on a mobile device. The user can then use the application in the usual way, similar to other applications on their phone. They usually provide a much higher level of data protection than simply adapted sites and also offer greater functionality.

How do I play at a mobile casino?

All online casinos offer the opportunity to play both for money and for free. Free play is available in demonstration mode, which allows you to familiarise yourself with the features of any slot machine. Playing for money requires registration at the casino and making a cash deposit.

Used mobile operating systems

Every user can easily find a lot of suitable online casino, if his device is installed one of the most popular mobile operating systems, among them:

  • Android smartphones and tablets (Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, etc.);
  • iOS-based devices, which include the iPhone and iPad;
  • Windows Phone devices (Microsoft, Nokia, etc.).

It should be understood that there may be some differences in the availability of games depending on the device, but online casinos for browser-based gaming with quality mobile sites should work perfectly with all of the above types of mobile devices and operating systems. All modern smartphones have a browser that allows the user to play mobile casino games without too much trouble.

Mobile casino games available


Alas, not all games in casino libraries are available on mobile devices today. A number of them (which usually include the oldest games) require Flash Player to be installed. Since Flash Player is not supported on most mobile phones and tablets, many of the slot games remain inaccessible on mobile devices.
Fortunately, there aren’t many such games. Most games in existing online casinos are supported on mobile devices, and HTML5 games are supported by all browsers.
The share of mobile casino games continues to increase as the majority of new games are adapted to mobile devices, and somewhat outdated slot machines are redesigned for them due to the increasing number of mobile players.

Advantages of mobile casinos

Mobile casinos offer a number of advantages, the main ones being:

  • The accessibility of the gameplay, allowing you to play wherever and whenever you want;
  • Wide range of slot machines;
  • fast loading of games;
  • high level of data security.

If we talk about the disadvantages of mobile versions, they still exist at the moment. And the main one is some inconvenience of navigating the website. Most often this is due to the relatively small screen of smartphones. However, modern phones with large screens and touchscreen controls can cope with this problem.
Whoever says what, but playing mobile casino is definitely worth it. This is evidenced by the above advantages of mobile gaming resources and a growing number of their users.


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Are mobile casinos legal?
Can I play at a mobile casino for free?
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Are mobile casinos legal?
In most countries where gambling is not illegal, mobile casinos are fully legalised.
Can I play at a mobile casino for free?
As mentioned above, playing in demo mode at any of the online casinos is completely free of charge. The only difference from a regular online casino is the mandatory registration on the mobility site.